How to use Hoodia Patch

Hoodia Patch is an easy to use, effective medication designed to help you to lose weight.
The original Hoodia Patch provides an approach to weight loss that can be used in conjunction with any healthy diet and exercise plan.

Chose a clean, dry, hairless area on your upper body to apply the Hoodia Patch.
The package contains a pouch of 5 cards, each with 6 Hoodia patches attached. Peel off one new Hoodia Patch each day and apply to upper are, shoulder, or back area, adhesive side down.

Apply 1 topical Hoodia Patch daily to upper body area. Leave the Hoodia Patch in place 24 hours a day.

Drink at least eight 8 ounce glasses of good quality water each day. This will help flush out toxins from your body and replace essential fluids.
Combine the Hoodia Patch with a healthy diet and exercise to achieve maximum benefit.

It is recommended that you continue with the Hoodia Patch for at least 90 days or until you reach your goals.

Does Hoodia Patch Work ??

Many people are sceptical of a transdermal weight loss treatment, thinking can it really work; can weight loss really be achieved in this manner? Although the many findings and clinical trials conducted all say yes, surely the concept of the patch is the same of any other so what makes HoodiaPatch a notch above the rest? And how does it work?

Firstly, the active ingredient is Hoodia Gordonii, cacti like plant indigenous to the Kalahari Desert and its surrounding areas. It is renowned as a brilliant natural appetite suppressant and because it is completely natural is free of side effects. Traditionally, Hoodia was used by tribes in order to keep them alert and active and to stop them feeling the need to eat during their hunts where they would have to go for days without eating and with many reports of Hoodia based diet supplements being highly effective, The HoodiaPatch was invented.

The way in which the HoodiaPatch works is by when a patch is applied to the skin, the patch slowly and steadily releases a gradual dose of Hoodia via the skin pores (a process that is known as transdermal delivery) to the bloodstream which sustains its effects all day long. A vital ingredient in the Hoodia Gordonii is P-57, which is a molecule responsible for appetite suppression. This works by mimicking glucose, we attain glucose from the foods we eat and once we have a certain level of glucose in our bodies our brain is sent signals that we are full. With P-57, false messages are delivered to the whole body, instructing us that it does not want food or water. Therefore we do not feel hungry and have no desire to eat and less food is consumed.

With the HoodiaPatch, the Hoodia is delivered very rapidly into your system unlike pills that contain Hoodia which only have one method of delivery through the stomach which can take time and nutrients are quite often lost in the process. With the patch, amazing weight loss results are quickly seen and produced in a safe and controlled way. It eliminates those terrible hunger pangs and the need to snack so you can continue to eat the food you enjoy in a more controlled fashion and will consume far lesser calories than you would usually. One discreet patch a day is all that is required, it is waterproof, and so there is no need to replace a patch throughout the day no matter what you are doing.

Because Hoodia Gordonii's appetite suppression effects are so powerful, the manufacturers recommend sensible use of the HoodiaPatch, as the HoodiaPatch is designed to limit your food intake while you are following a healthy balanced diet so sensible weight loss can be achieved, its intention is not to be used as a substitute for eating altogether. The manufacturers offer a 180 day 100% money back guarantee so you too can lose weight with ease, knowing every penny is well spent.

How long does Hoodia Patch take to work

The HoodiaPatch the most effective weight loss patch around delivers its potent effects almost immediately after applying the first patch! Not many weight loss products can boast of this proven fact.

Its very high quality concentration of Hoodia Gordonii plant gets directly to the cells where it is needed through transdermal technology via a patch applied to the body. It targets the bloodstream totally avoiding the digestive system to provide the user with tremendously quick and powerful appetite suppression. No cheap fillers or binders or added ingredients are contained in the patch just Hoodia Gordonii as nature intended.

The main ingredient found in the Hoodia Gordonii cacti is P57; this powerful constituent puts a stop to the signals of hunger sent to the brain, instead making it believe it is satisfied and not hungry. This happens because P57 mimics the effects of Glucose found in the foods and drinks that we eat and when we get certain levels of glucose in our body, the nerves react to tell the body that we are full. Because of this, a massive reduction of calories is consumed a day, due to lack of appetite and a great weight loss result can be achieved.

With the HoodiaPatch you do not need to wait days or weeks for the patch to take effect, its effects can be seen from use of the patch almost immediately. One waterproof patch lasts all day long and it allows you to have complete control over your diet with no disruption to your routine. Because you are wearing the patch on your body that can be easily concealed and not taking pills no one even has to know you are on a diet. Weight loss methods that have this level of effectiveness, quality and are this safe for use are few and far between. And because Hoodia is a traditional and naturally occurring weight loss method, there are no known side effects so you can only reap the benefits of this plant. You can feel safe in the knowledge that before you know it, you will soon have a slim, trim figure with the minimum amount of effort.

Visitors to the HoodiaPatch's very informative website will find it is packed full of information, details of medical trials, customer and media testimonials, ingredient information, how to purchase the patch and details of exactly how the patch works. It comes with a unique 180 day money back guarantee so you can purchase HoodiaPatch at a very competitive price with complete confidence knowing that if it does not work for you, you will receive a full refund no questions asked.

How Much Weight Could I Lose With HoodiaPatch

With the new HoodiaPatch losing weight really has never been faster or simpler.

The Hoodia Gordonii plant is noted by South African tribes for boosting energy and quelling appetite, even for days on end and the crucial ingredient that allows this to happen is the chemical P-57. Acclaimed as the anti-obesity drug by many pharmaceutical companies and medical experts, it works in the same vein as glucose, which convinces the brain that the body has just eaten and is satisfied and as a result of this, is no longer hungry. Scientific studies have discovered that people using Hoodia usually eat 40% less food a day. And by using Hoodia via this far superior delivery system as opposed to pill form it means that the Hoodia is absorbed into the body almost immediately and your appetite is suppressed sooner.

The average amount of weight that most people can expect to lose over a month is between 6-8lbs with daily use of the HoodiaPatch. This can vary depending on the individual; some may lose more, a massive reduction in intake of up to 1,000 calories a day can be achieved. The HoodiaPatch�s efficacy is so great that there will be no more depriving yourself of the food you enjoy, strict calorie counting and best of all, no more snacking on lettuce leaves. You will feel consequentially less hungry between meals and you will have full control over your appetite leaving you to eat more responsibly and in a more restrained way and since you are less hungry, your need to snack is reduced ultimately allowing you to lose weight. It is important however to make sure you still continue to eat regular meals. The HoodiaPatch is clinically trialled and tested, made of the very finest genuine Hoodia Gordonii harvested directly from the plant, in its pure form manufactured to top standards.

Simply apply the small adhesive patch anywhere you choose as long as the skin is dry, clean and free of any irritations or abrasions, once a day and simply forget its there. You can shower, bathe or even swim as usual as the patch is waterproof and there is no need to re-apply the patch until the following day. The patch delivers the Hoodia Gordonii into the bloodstream directly over a steady period throughout the whole time you are wearing the patch, unlike taking supplements orally where you have to keep taking more doses at specific intervals this means that the ingredients are consumed consistently over the course of the day. Because it does not have to pass through the intestines, stomach or liver, it gets to the cells where it is needed the most. Full benefit of the HoodiaPatch is obtained and nothing is broken down or neutralised in the digestive system. Make HoodiaPatch a part of your daily routine and losing weight no longer has to be a frustrating, drawn out process.

Is Hoodia Patch safe ??

When looking for a suitable weight loss product or supplement we sometimes forget to think of the possible health implications, as some products really are too good to be true and could contain harmful and illegal stimulants. Although when faced with the battle of the bulge all we really care about is becoming slimmer and we don't bother to do our homework and research a weight loss product thoroughly before trying it for ourselves. Although many harmful products are banned there will always be some that slip through the net and you could be one of the unlucky few that suffer the brunt of the ill side effects.

The HoodiaPatch the latest invention to hit the slimming market contains only the 100% natural Hoodia Gordonii extract clinically and scientifically proven to drastically lessen your appetite and most importantly- it is risk free. It is a time honoured tradition amongst South African tribes who relied on the small spiky plant to give them the impetus to survive on very little food for days on end and still feel energised; in fact it is still consumed today. It is getting more recognition in the western world after being used for centuries as an excellent solution in helping to combat obesity. It has been since vigorously tested since the early 2000's by pharmaceutical companies curious by the powers that Hoodia possess, even testing it on rats and it was found that the rats who are known to be scavengers and therefore always eating, ate hardly anything! There are no known side effects of using the HoodiaPatch, it is recommended if you are pregnant or have a long term health condition that you seek medical advice before using the patch, however side effects have not been reported. As long as you apply the patch to a suitable area of skin i.e.) free of cuts, abrasions and hair you should not experience any irritation or discomfort from the patch.

It safely administers the powerful plant extract through transdermal technology, via a small adhesive patch applied anywhere on a clean, dry area of skin. By delivering the nutrients through this process, it does not have to pass through the liver, stomach or intestines meaning maximum and full absorption of the Hoodia, nothing is lost, which is a big downside with traditional weight loss tablets and supplements. Appetite is eliminated very quickly although it should be used responsibly not as a means to cut food out all together. The HoodiaPatch is by far the best method of incorporating Hoodia into your daily routine not to mention the cheapest as there is no need for constant intake as the Hoodia is steadily released into your system over the course of the day and it is waterproof so need to remove even when bathing, showering or even swimming, just re-apply one patch a day.

Visit the HoodiaPatch's official website to find out more information and read great testimonials from customers and the media and purchase this product in good faith, knowing it can help you achieve the figure you have always dreamed of at no cost to your health and at low financial cost.

What Ingredients Are In Hoodia Patch

Some weight loss aids and supplements keep their main ingredients a secret from the outside world perhaps because it is a unique formula and they do not want any other companies to know in case they try to replicate their product. Although this is highly dangerous and every consumer has the right to be informed about a product and what negative effects (if any) it could have on the buyer. There are some products that claim to be pure Hoodia but in fact aren't actually Hoodia at all just a poor quality imitation of the real thing. And some unscrupulous firms even use sawdust as a filler to fill out their supplements but many are unaware of this fact, it is just a ploy to manufacture cheap goods at a cheap rate offering nothing in return. With the Hoodia Patch, they are proud to share the ingredients that equate to the patch�s growing success.

Hoodia Patch contains 40mg of 100% pure South African Hoodia Gordonii; a South African cactus widely regarded to be an appetite suppressant and used by African tribes on treks to reduce their need to eat. It is the only Hoodia patch available to buy that contains completely unaltered natural Hoodia. Zero extras, no binders, fillers or additives. What you see is exactly what you get. When you purchase Hoodia Patch, know that you are getting top notch ingredients manufactured to the highest possible quality before it reaches you. HoodiaPatch is so in demand that the manufacturers have had to put the years supply on hold as with such overwhelming approval there just isn't enough to go round. The Hoodia in HoodiaPatch is organically grown and produced by authentic growers in Africa and supply at the moment is low. However this just confirms just how superb this weight loss patch is!

One major clinical trial by Phytopharm was carried out. Individuals who were quite obese used Hoodia which was so effective at reducing appetite that the individuals only consumed 50% of the calories they would usually consume throughout a whole day and because of this lost a considerable amount of weight.

You will consume up to 1,000 less calories a day thanks to the Hoodia's naturally occurring ingredient P-57. It stimulates a particular part of the brain called the hypothalamus, within this part of the brain lies the nerve cells that can sense glucose sugar. When you eat, your blood sugar levels rise because of this and the cells tell you that you are full up. HoodiaPatch tricks the hypothalamus part of the brain into thinking it has already eaten and is full when in fact you have not eaten anything. It will help you avoid weight gain by dramatically reducing your feeling of hunger and thirst and with no need for gruelling exercise programs or a radical change in your diet or lifestyle. It gives you the motivation you need to eat less and control what you do eat while maintaining a healthy weight.

What is Hoodia Patch ??

Slimming patches are the way forward for effective and efficient weight loss. Patches are not a new invention, they have been used for many years, for a range of purposes; Nicotine patches, Hormone replacement therapy patches and even diabetic patches. Great success has been achieved by delivering medication in this form and the slimming world has caught onto the idea. Slimming pills and supplements are becoming less popular with consumers as it is revealed that as much as 85% of ingredients and nutrients could be lost or destroyed before even reaching the bloodstream! The only way round this would be to take a much higher dosage of the product which can be unpredictable, it may cause nasty side effects and to achieve a real result would require more tablets being consumed daily and would cost a lot more money. So you can potentially waste a lot of money on inferior weight loss supplements that instead of making you slim could you cause you more harm than good. With this in mind, a much safer alternative is a
slimming patch and the very latest one to hit the market is the HoodiaPatch.

The HoodiaPatch uses the latest and superior transdermal technology to deliver 100% pure natural Hoodia Gordonii through the skin directly into the bloodstream. Hoodia Gordonii is actually a small cactus that originates from the Kalahari Desert. Its main characteristic is its amazing ability to suppress appetite. Perhaps an unusual choice of a weight loss aid, it has been reported that Hoodia can successfully suppress ones appetite for up to 24 hours! It has been used for centuries by the Sans Bushman tribe. The Hoodia Gordonii plant allowed the tribe hunters to go without food or water for an extended period of time, allowing them to concentrate and hunt for days interrupted and without feeling hungry. Even today, Hoodia Gordonii is used to promote loss of appetite as part of their tradition.

Not just a myth, Hoodia Gordonii was studied in 2000 in vast clinical trials to see if it did indeed reduce the appetite. Morbidly obese people were used in the very first human clinical trial. Half of the volunteers were given Hoodia, the other half were given a placebo. 15 days later, the ones who consumed Hoodia had a calorie reduction of 1000 calories a day.

The HoodiaPatch cleverly utilises this amazing plant in a small adhesive patch delivering its extremely potent appetite suppressing powers in no time at all. No need to wait for the patch to do its magic, simply stick it on and feel the effects almost immediately as it by-passes the digestive system. No more hunger pangs means no more relentless snacking which equals less calories and more weight will be lost. Best of all, the user will experience no side effects whatsoever, it is highly safe to use daily, small and discreet and waterproof so will not disturb your daily activities. To find out more information about how HoodiaPatch could work for you visit their official website now!

Why choose Hoodia Patch ??

Losing weight can be a real challenge and there never seems to be a quick, easy or viable solution. There are many so-called weight loss and dietary supplements claiming to magically rid you of your excess weight but they come at a high price, any weight you do lose, piles straight back on as quickly as you lost it and often the side effects you suffer as a result can have very harmful consequences. Not to mention having to take many of these supplements every single day, after food, or before food, all getting in the way of routine and of course it is not always convenient or possible to take tablets no matter where you are or what you are doing.

If you are searching for a weight loss aid that can deliver its weight loss promises, speedily with ease of use, with no side effects just great results then one avenue you really need to explore is the transdermal method of weight loss with a weight loss patch. One patch that is a step above the rest is the HoodiaPatch.

The HoodiaPatch containing only the finest and purest South African Hoodia Gordonii highly revered in the world of weight loss, a staple diet of the Sans Bushman tribe of the Kalahari desert that relied on this to get them through their tough arduous treks, this ancient cacti like plant stops hunger in its tracks, allowing you to stick to a balanced, healthy diet without that frequent annoying urge to snack between meals. Which for most people trying to diet, no longer feeling that temptation to reach for all those bad foods this is a real breakthrough. This is down to the primary ingredient in the Hoodia (P-57) which in effect fools the brain temporarily into thinking it has just eaten and because of this is not hungry, the effect of P-57 makes your brain believe that the glucose levels in your body are very high so your appetite is suppressed. Because of this you will find it infinitely easier to eat more sensibly and in less quantity which means weight loss will be achieved with next to no effort and no more calorie counting! It is also reported that Hoodia can provide you with energy, so you will feel more alert and energised.

Wear one HoodiaPatch a day and see the difference almost at once. It slowly over the day releases the Hoodia powerful nutrients to the cells directly, keeping hunger at bay. It is completely safe and free of side effects, best of all no need for re-application, no need to stick to any tough exercise programs or modified diets, just carry on about your day as usual, eating as and when you like, all while losing weight.

With so many great testimonials of the HoodiaPatch and so many glowing reports of the Hoodia Gordonii itself, there really is no doubt that it works the weight loss patch you should choose is HoodiaPatch.

Will I lose weight with Hoodia Patch ??

There are a vast amount of different diet pills and supplements that are now being converted into slimming patches that are stuck directly to the skin. The reason for this new advancement is the brand new transdermal technology that has turned the slimming world upside down and has proven itself to be the weight loss method of the future.

Weight loss patches have a very obvious advantage over pills as you do not have to keep remembering to take tablets at specific intervals throughout the day, also the slow, gradual release of the ingredients and nutrients steadily over the course of the day is an important aspect for appetite suppressants in order for them to work satisfactorily.

One very popular appetite suppressant is Hoodia Gordonii; this South African Cactus is clinically proven to drastically suppress the appetite as the tribes of the Kalahari Desert who have relied on the cactus for thousands of years will agree. Medical trials have shown that users have reduced their calorie intake of around 1000 calories a day and consumed almost half of what they normally eat a day.

Hoodia is quite often consumed orally in pill form but the digestive system plays havoc with the active ingredients and results in the Hoodia being a lot less effective. This would mean constant intake of Hoodia in this manner would be needed through the whole day to retain its effectiveness. Weight loss patches however, can release a steady amount of the active ingredient P57 found in Hoodia. This regulates and can completely stop hunger and can help you avoid sudden hunger spikes that can often occur by taking pills.

Taking all this into account, manufacturers came up with the HoodiaPatch. While there are other weight loss patches that contain Hoodia on the market, none are as reliable and as completely natural as this. The HoodiaPatch contains only 100% pure Hoodia Gordonii, nothing extra. It is clinically proven, tried and tested and users have lost 1-2lbs even in the first week of using the patch. It is free of all nasty side effects so completely safe for frequent use, only one patch a day is required, it is waterproof so no re-applying is needed during the day. Thanks to the HoodiaPatchs transdermal technology, the Hoodia is delivered directly into the bloodstream through a constant stream for as long as you wear the patch. This leaves you to get on with your day and because your hunger is so greatly reduced, this means you can stick to a more sensible eating regime all without getting food cravings. Quite simply the fewer calories you consume; the more weight will be lost and with the HoodiaPatch, reducing your intake of daily calorific content has never been easier. And in the highly unlikely event that you do not lose weight while using the HoodiaPatch, you can receive a full 6 month money back guarantee.

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