What Ingredients Are In Hoodia Patch

Some weight loss aids and supplements keep their main ingredients a secret from the outside world perhaps because it is a unique formula and they do not want any other companies to know in case they try to replicate their product. Although this is highly dangerous and every consumer has the right to be informed about a product and what negative effects (if any) it could have on the buyer. There are some products that claim to be pure Hoodia but in fact aren't actually Hoodia at all just a poor quality imitation of the real thing. And some unscrupulous firms even use sawdust as a filler to fill out their supplements but many are unaware of this fact, it is just a ploy to manufacture cheap goods at a cheap rate offering nothing in return. With the Hoodia Patch, they are proud to share the ingredients that equate to the patch�s growing success.

Hoodia Patch contains 40mg of 100% pure South African Hoodia Gordonii; a South African cactus widely regarded to be an appetite suppressant and used by African tribes on treks to reduce their need to eat. It is the only Hoodia patch available to buy that contains completely unaltered natural Hoodia. Zero extras, no binders, fillers or additives. What you see is exactly what you get. When you purchase Hoodia Patch, know that you are getting top notch ingredients manufactured to the highest possible quality before it reaches you. HoodiaPatch is so in demand that the manufacturers have had to put the years supply on hold as with such overwhelming approval there just isn't enough to go round. The Hoodia in HoodiaPatch is organically grown and produced by authentic growers in Africa and supply at the moment is low. However this just confirms just how superb this weight loss patch is!

One major clinical trial by Phytopharm was carried out. Individuals who were quite obese used Hoodia which was so effective at reducing appetite that the individuals only consumed 50% of the calories they would usually consume throughout a whole day and because of this lost a considerable amount of weight.

You will consume up to 1,000 less calories a day thanks to the Hoodia's naturally occurring ingredient P-57. It stimulates a particular part of the brain called the hypothalamus, within this part of the brain lies the nerve cells that can sense glucose sugar. When you eat, your blood sugar levels rise because of this and the cells tell you that you are full up. HoodiaPatch tricks the hypothalamus part of the brain into thinking it has already eaten and is full when in fact you have not eaten anything. It will help you avoid weight gain by dramatically reducing your feeling of hunger and thirst and with no need for gruelling exercise programs or a radical change in your diet or lifestyle. It gives you the motivation you need to eat less and control what you do eat while maintaining a healthy weight.

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